Peanut-less Peanut Butter Cookies

How many of you out there know someone with a peanut allergy?

I happen to know several people who have peanut allergies, my boyfriend being one of them. His allergies are so severe that even I tell restaurants I’m allergic to peanuts too just to be safe. Lucky for me, I don’t care about peanuts and treenuts so it doesn’t really bother me not to eat them at all anymore.

But there are a few exceptions.

Peanut butter cookies are one of them. They are also one of my weaknesses. I love them. And I haven’t had one since we started dating (2 years). I would crave them off and on and then feel guilty about it. But no more!

I was recently grocery shopping and I found a peanut butter-like spread made from soy (so.. not good for the friends that have soy allergies. Sorry guys).

Now, I was a bit skeptical because I’ve tried the sunflower seed butter and I didn’t care for the taste, it just doesn’t come close. This one was pretty darn close. I brought it home, let him try it and he was amazed. (He used to be able to eat peanut butter sandwiches when he was little and developed his allergy around the age of 7). The only things he said were, “Wow.” And, “That’s weird!” He loved it. I started eating it with celery because it used to be one of my favorite snacks and then I thought – I should make peanut-less peanut butter cookies!

So I did.

I took the recipe from this blog:

Peanut Butter Cookies

And just made a few adjustments.

And the final product!

I think I slightly over baked some of them to be honest. But they taste so good! I love these and I love that soy spread! My boyfriends parents who don’t have any allergies thought these were simply delicious. Yay for cookies!

I love peanut butter cookies and I honestly can’t tell the difference. They smell and taste just like the real thing. It’s so close that I had several mini freak outs when I was making them because my mind was registering a peanut buttery smell. Then I had to remember I used a soy spread. My boyfriend says they are one of his new favorite cookies. I’d say these were a win.

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